Tuesday, March 23, 2010


March 22nd, my birthday.

They're usually depressing affairs, or usually were, but as of the past few years my birthdays have been marked by adventures and developments, like living and traveling overseas. This birthday had gone by more or less uneventfully until this potential new video client popped up in my messages box on YouTube.

The truth is that the only times my birthdays are depressing are when I concentrate on the social significance of the numbers attached to them. In other words, I seem to be getting older and poorer at the same time... but at least now I can look back and say I have done a lot of remarkable things. That helps take the sting out of the ever increasing numbers.

The lesson here is to focus more on living a life that will leave me content on my deathbed rather than focusing on the way the years seem to slip by. I try and keep up with my life, or as my Carnie buddy used to say... "Move at the speed of life." Each individual dictates their own speed, no matter how much adversity they experience. For me, drastic decisions have had to be made, intensely stressful, but decisions that have led to:

Living in South Korea
Eating dinner with monks in the mountains of South Korea
Performing music all over
Swimming with a dolphin
SCUBA diving
Enjoying girls in the Philippines
Traveling in Thailand
Being an illegal immigrant in Concepcion Chile
Making art
Getting Paul McCartney to talk about me
Doing art for DC Comics, LucasFilm, Dungeons and Dragons
Surviving cancer
Surviving crime
Watching friends die
Letting go
Becoming less selfish
Running away to join the carnival
Going bankrupt and losing our house
Doing things NOW!!!

This is all I have, might be all I get. There's no sense spending the whole time wondering where it all went, I'd rather wonder where I'm going next.

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