Tuesday, February 2, 2010

What's Up With All This Web Rigidity???

OK, when the whole web-site thing first happened I was pretty excited about the internet and the design opportunities.

Well, that's gone and done, and now we are stuck with all these rules, conventions, and expectations that have, in my opinion, created an environment where every web-site looks like they belong in the same magazine or have been overseen by the same Art Director. Now, I understand the need to create order out of chaos, but I think these conventions have suffocated the flexible design possibilities the web originally offered, creating a homogenized look.

The first sites I saw, way back when, were a little like a treasure hunt, and while that was intolerable so far as usability goes, it was a lot more fun. Clever people with a first-rate design staff were able to play effectively on that playground while still maintaining easy usability and navigation. Unfortunately even those artists and designers eventually submitted and started publishing rigid boring designs. "You will be assimilated!" And, YES, we have all assimilated.

For me this has taken a lot of the thrill out of the internet, and has in many ways burned out my desire to design web pages.

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